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Bon Temps tourism region, Nova Scotia, offers culinary delight

Bon Temps encompasses the longest continuously settled Acadian French community in North America, and is also home to the world’s highest quality hard-shelled lobster. A variety of food-related experiences await the foodie tourist, from marsh walks to harvest sea beans to wild food forays in the pristine Acadian forest.

Bon Temps is home to the Trout Point Lodge, with its Nova Scotia Seafood Cooking School, as well as the award-winning Ruisseau oyster from Eel Lake Oyster Farm. Restaurants of the region also include the Dennis Point Cafe in Pubnico, the traditional fare of the Red Cap Motel, and Ye Olde Argyler Lodge.

Each week in season, there’s also the Farmer’s & Artisanal Market in Tusket!

Bon Temps is located in the Municipality of the District of Argyle, Nova Scotia, home to the Pubnicos, Tusket, Wedgeport, and other Acadian communities. Pubnico was first settled in the mid 17th century.


Adieu, Newark

Zurich, Switzerland We finally decided to implement long-held plans to skip going through the United States on our way back home to Spain from Canada. It always seemed ridiculous to fly south, then fly north again, passing over our departure point after wasting 5 hours on a layover. The security lines, customs hassles, bad food, and general stress made it all a no-brainer, but still, patterns are hard to change. The advent of Continental Airlines joining Star Alliance changed all that, for now both Swiss and Air Canada became options.

Air Canada seems to always advertise fare sales that sound great, but when you look for them, they’re simply never there–perhaps having vanished quickly as bargain-hunting Canadians snapped them up, or perhaps they never truly existed. Air Canada’s normal fares can’t compete.

Swiss, on the other hand, offered seamless and rapid ticket purchase at competitive prices, and so far the Swiss experience has provided exactly what we were looking for–with good food and service to boot!

Bordeaux Commanderie dinner at Trout Point Lodge Relais & Chateaux

Trout Point recently hosted the Halifax-based Commanderie of Bordeaux for a multi-course dinner and wine tasting. Most of the 18 strong contingent relaxed over Friday and Saturday nights. The 6-course Saturday supper consisted of:
–local oysters in tomato marinade
–crab and lobster soup with enoki mushrooms, collard greens and a clear broth
–duck & lentil salad with duck gravy & cracklings
–grilled prime rib with a porcini mushroom sauce
–4-selection cheese course, including 5-year Quebec cheddar and a brined ewe’s milk cheese
–choice of dessert, including Creme Brulee, apricot tart with chantilly, rhubarb (from the garden) & strawberry custard tart, and cherry-white chocolate bread pudding

The blind wine tasting featured Chateau Lynch-Bages white followed by 4 red vintages, capped off with a Chateau Rieussec Sauternes!